Saturday, August 18, 2018

Is iWatch.PH a scam?

What is iWatch.PH based on the website?

  • It is an Advertising and E-commerce company with a touch of Multi-Level Marketing in the Philippines.
  • It has a hybrid system that allows the member to earn through watching advertisement videos.
  • It also gives them the privilege to sell their own products in iShop that will be advertised by the company.
  • It was launched by Reiner Cadiz, Mark Joseph Regalario, and Jerome Joseph Operio (owners of on August 8, 2018.

  • "It is our mission to be the Philippines’ best customer-centered online business focused on empowering Filipino marketers around the world to realize their worth and reach their full potentials."

  • "To become the Philippines’ most loved and most profitable online business; to inspire and to help Filipino marketers find their way to success."

  • 1. iWatch
  • It allows an iWatcher (a member of iWatch.PH) to earn through watching advertisements and commercials. 
  • 2. iShop
  • It gives a privilege to an iWatcher to sell their own products in iShop that will be advertise by the company. An iWatcher will also get a 20%-40% discount in all products in iShop such as T-shirts, Cases, String bags, Car accesories, ETC.
  • 3. iFoodcart
  • An iWatcher will also get a discount and incentives in iFoodcart franchising.
  • 4. iAdvertise
  • They are also accepting companies and businesses who wants to be advertised by by putting their marketing video in iWatch watchroom and youtube channel. They are also giving them the privilege to put their products in iShop.


    COO - Mark Joseph Regalario
  • CEO - Reiner Cadiz
  • CMO - Jerome Joseph Operio

iWatch.PH is not a scam. They have the necessary permits to operate as a company.
Below is their latest DTI permit. 

As you have noticed, the company is relatively new but even before the soft launching last August 8, 2018, there were already 1000+ members with activated accounts called iWatchers.

For instance, my sister which is an iWatcher already has PhP 360.33 available encashment just 10 days (as of August 18, 2018) after the launch date of iWatch.PH. This is only by watching 15 seconds to 1 minute advertisement videos. Amazing!

Aside from the video ads, you can also earn while learning. Training videos are available where you can get 1 cent for watching every minute of the video.


If you also want to earn money online legally, just sign up for free by clicking this link.
For updates, visit iWatch.PH on facebook. For more details and guidance on registration and activation, directly message my sister, Ms. Anne Soriano on facebook.

This video might convince you to join us. Happy watching!

Be an iWatcher now. Watch and earn!

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